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Cole is a black with white male estimated to have been born in 2021. He has been in boarding since August, 2022, after being rescued off the streets in Downtown Dallas. Cole is an honorary greyhound made up of 8 breeds – Akita, Staffie, PBT, Maltese, Beagle, dachshund, lab and Chihuahua. It is not yet known if he is small animal or cat tolerant.
For someone looking for a BFF, this boy would make a great one!  Cole does need someone who isn’t a pushover, because he will test you at first to see what he can get away with. An experienced person that understands being the pack leader would be perfect for him. Once he learns his boundaries,  he will respect and listen to you.
Cole has had lots of training and can do basic commands, sit, stay, shake, down, up and place. He is a smart boy and a quick learner.
Cole does need a proper introduction to strangers. He is not comfortable with people he doesn’t know reaching for him or bending over him. We have been working on this with him and this is something new that he developed, more than likely from being in a kennel too long. However, with the proper introduction, basically ignoring him, he will come to you and then will love you forever.  He would definitely make you feel more secure on walks or at home.
We are unsure of how Cole feels about cats and he needs a refresher course on how to interact with other dogs. On walks he is great and very rarely reacts to other dogs walking by.
Please help us spread the word so Cole can finally find a home, and it doesn’t have to be in Texas.
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