Sage is a 2 year old black female born in 2016. She was part of the population from the blood bank facility located in Cherokee, TX that closed in November 2017. Sage is being medically evaluated by GALT's veterinarians and will complete her medical procedures soon. It is not known at this time if she is small animal or cat tolerant. Please check back periodically for updates on Sage's journey to her forever home.

Sage is a young, full-of-life black female with endless energy. This girl LOVES humans and cannot wait to go for a walk or run. Great in the car, Sage will need additional leash training on a thunder leash so she can learn to focus her energy. She has healthy interactions with the other dogs and the TLC group notes alpha female tendencies. Sage has the energy of a puppy a successful foster home should have multiple outlets for her energy and hopefully a tolerant grey that can show her how to live the good life! [Note: We would recommend no children under the age of 10 as she is rambunctious]

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