Blackie Blackie

Blackie is a 2½-year-old female born to sire Bob's Best Shot and dam Bob's Dana. Her registered name is Bob's Blackie, so it shouldn't come as a surprise that Blackie is, yes, black. Texas born and Texas raced, Miss Blackie has a short career of 13 races that took place at the Valley, Corpus Christi and Gulf tracks. Deciding she no longer enjoyed life on the road, Blackie has chosen instead to head for life in a home. Blackie is small animal and cat tolerant.

Blackie, although a little timid in the house at first (having just retired from racing and having never been in a home) is house-trained, uses a dog door and is cat/small animal tolerant. She is currently living with six cats, one of which has taken to nuzzling Blackie each evening before bedtime. She is not food or toy possessive and enjoys her foster brother and sister greys. She loves the dog park!

Blackie has taken to being a couch potato like a true Princess. Being inside is her favorite, however she does like to sun on the patio and lay in the plastic pool when she gets too hot. She is very helpful with Spring planting and makes sure to check out everything new in the yard. She plays with her squeak toys and loves chew treats. She is still not sure about the walking on a leash, so we are taking baby steps. The most precious moments with Blackie are when she gets excited and smiles and smiles!

Blackie's Foster Mom

Blackie Blackie

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